Fighting corruption by helping cops stretch incomes

Police Officers working on the South Side of Belize City are receiving incentives to work harder and avoid corruption. This is coming through initiatives to help police officers to stretch their incomes.  According Howell Gillett, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South, within a few days the officers are expected to be enjoying between 6% and 10% discount on fuel prices at any UNO gas station countrywide. The Commander thanked Lupita Zetina, Sales Consultant at UNO Belize Limited, who has agreed that officers who fuel up at UNO gas stations can receive the discount. OC Gillett has also made another deal to benefit his officers.  Gillet and Carlo Habet, Manager of Brothers Habet Limited, also signed an agreement that will see Police officers on the South Side getting 15% discount on all items sold at that store. According to Gillett, the Department is helping their officers to do more with their salary. He hopes it will lower the incidents of corruption.

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