Fined $15,000 for shooting his friend in the mouth

45 year old Edwardo Torres is a at home tonight, having received a fine instead of jail sentence for the shooting death of his friend. Torres was not tried for  murder or manslaughter but unlawful harm through negligence of a firearm. It might seem like a strange charge considering a life was lost, but this story is no ordinary shooting incident. It happened in May of 2013, when City Banker Edwardo Torres and his drinking buddy 32-year-old John Paul Fernandez, were at the Officer Restaurant located at Mile 2 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. The two men were drunk according to witnesses and were laughing and talking. Witnesses reported that Torres took out his licensed firearm and removed a magazine, apparently thinking that the gun was safe. Witnesses say they heard Fernandez tell Torres to put the gun in his mouth. Torres did as his friend asked and placed the gun in Fernandez’s mouth and then pulled the trigger. Fernandez fell dead. Torres reportedly dropped the gun when he realized he had shot his friend but then quickly picked it up and ran from the scene and headed to his home.  The case was before Judge Marilyn Williams where Torres had pled guilty to unlawful harm through negligence of a firearm. The judge took the circumstances into consideration and ordered a non-custodial sentence of a fine of $15,000.    Torres has to pay the first $5, 00 to the Supreme Court by November 9, 2018, and the other $10,000 to the deceased’s estate.

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