Fire aftermath; Picking up the pieces

San Pedranos are picking up the pieces after a massive fire wiped out 8 businesses and 3 family homes after midnight on Monday, Junevlcsnap-2016-06-29-16h32m28s706 27th. A total of 88 people have been affected by the devastating blaze and now the relief efforts are on the way on the island. San Pedro residents have kicked into compassion mode and many restaurants are feeding the victims while hotels offer shelter to some of the now homeless. Food, water, and clothing have been donated by many, but the needs are still great.  The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), various Non-government organizations, and regular concerned residents are working together at cleanup efforts and distribution of donations received. The San Pedro Lions Club is in the forefront of the efforts as well and has been actively collecting clothing and non perishable food for distribution as well as monetary donations. Melanie Paz of the San Pedro Lion’s Club told us more about the efforts on the way on the island.

Melanie Paz, San Pedro Lions Club

“At this point we have the Health Fighters, which is a religious group here on the island, they just brought a whole bunch of clothes vlcsnap-2016-06-29-16h33m20s557also. We have the Red Cross Volunteers and NEMO is also bringing in their supplies. We also have a food bank located here at The Lions Center and people come drop off on a daily basis and volunteers are packing boxes for the victims as well.”

Paz says donations are still coming in and are still welcomed but there is no need for any more clothes to be sent.

Melanie Paz, San Pedro Lions Club

“Well actually we’ve been getting a lot of help from the main land. Tropic Air has been kind enough to bring all the donations over with no charge. We really honestly don’t need any more clothes. We’ve been over supplied with clothes. Right now we are asking for toiletries and food supplies. By now, all the people that have been affected by the fire have temporary lodging and several hotels have given them a place to stay for the next two weeks.”

The Town Council has asked that all monetary donations be channeled through the San Pedro Lion’s club. Those wishing to contribute financially to the relief efforts can make deposits to San Pedro Lions Club’s  Atlantic Bank Account #211 3829 02. The San Pedro Red Cross will also be hosting a telethon to raise funds for the victims on Reef Radio on Thursday, June 30th.

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