Fire Burns down Principal’s Office

Primary schools all over the country resume classes on Monday April 13th, next week but one school located in Big Falls Village, Toledo District will have a major setback when they resume operation because the principal’s office was set on fire over the weekend. According to Gregorio Chee, principal of Big Falls Roman Catholic School, about 10:55 pm on Easter Sunday, April 5th, he was informed that someone was attempting to break into his office and immediately informed the village Alcalde. Upon arriving at the school, he saw smoke rising from the front door, which reports say had been forcibly opened. The office received structural and equipment damages from fire, smoke and water. The total damage is estimated at about $10 thousand dollars. The village chairman expressed great concern and calls on the community to assist in any way possible to replace the damages caused by the fire which he says is a definite drawback to the progress of the school and the children’s education. Both police and the fire department continue investigations.

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