Fire damages house on Kelly Street

There was tragedy averted this morning on Kelly Street in Belize City. A fire broke out at a residence in the middle of the morning and neighbours quickly acted to limit the damage. We spoke to a neighbour of the family whose house was attacked by fire.

Neighbor of Fire Victimvlcsnap-2015-07-09-12h41m24s154

“I was coming out of my house  to go to work and my friend told me smoke and fire. I didn’t notice but when I looked behind my house, I saw that it’s my friends house. I called my neighbors and we went to the back to help him. “

Giovanni Bracket  – Plus TV Reporter

“You live right in the area as well?”

Neighbor of Fire Victim

“Right across  the fence from him.”

Giovanni Bracket

“And it probably scared you thinking it was your house.”

Neighbor of Fire Victim

“Yes because I know the little girls are back there. So I ran out and saw one of them was coming out. So I asked her if anyone was in the house and she said no.  So my other neighbor fro that side came, Noel and his little brother came and we throw buckets of water till those guys came.”

There were several children at home at the time while their parents were at work. According to another neighbour, the popular rapper Gilbert Alamilla, known as “Mr. Program,” he was returning from an errand and was seeing the smoke from some distance away, but he initially thought it was a garbage fire. He was disabused of this when the frightened children told him what happened, and he sprung into action.

Gilbert “Mr. Program” Alamilla  – Assisted in Fighting Firevlcsnap-2015-07-09-12h49m29s152

“When I came in I saw the flame. I thought they were burning garbage because I saw people out here when I reached so I thought they knew what was happening. The baby was front here, I only saw three of them by themselves and thought they were playing or something.  When I saw one of them was crying for real and said that I thought I was playing, she broke down and ran back there. So I ran back there too to see if she was serious.  When I reached back there, I broke up the pipe because I thought water from the sifde of the house will come out. It was dry so I ran back and break it. I saw the young man came in and I told him run into the yard and get some water from here while I full water from there because the fire was high. The blaze was high so we needed help. After a while the truck came in through the back and I left. They finished it up from that side.”


Fire Service personnel and police responded after a few minutes and finished fighting the blaze, but several area residents pitched in to help as well. The investigation into the cause of the fire is underway.


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