Fire destroys house in Lake Independence

vlcsnap-2013-10-04-07h09m26s43There was a fire in the City this afternoon that destroyed a single wooden structure in the Lake Independence area. Fire Department officials responded to the scene in the “Ring Road” sometime after noon but were unable to save anything in the structure. Information to us is that there were domestic problems among the couple who lived in the house and one of the partners is alleged to have repeatedly threatened to burn down the dwelling. We spoke off-camera to an individual who responded to the fire.


“Well, I know he is my neighbor, and he is in a sickly mentally disturbed. I decided to pray and the lady that lives in the yard besides her said that she is still in the house.   So, I went and stomped up on the door but due to the heat, I decided not to go in but allowed puppy run out, and from there called 911 and direct the fire truck to this yah area.  


“Did the Fire Department, respond on a quick time in your opinion?”


“I’d say within 2 to 3 minutes”


“So, was anybody noticeably injured in the fire?”


“No, sir”.

Officials are yet to ascertain the cause of the fire.

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