Fire in San Pedro leaves 20 families homeless

vlcsnap-2014-07-07-22h54m33s109On Sunday, July 6th sometime after 8:00 pm a raging fire on the island of San Pedro gutted 7 small wooden structures and caused damages to two others leaving at least 20 families homeless. According to San Pedro Police, no one was injured during the incident. Supt. Louis Castellanos Officer Commanding San Pedro Police gave us more details.

Supt. Luis Castellanos – Officer Commanding San Pedro Police

“About 8:3vlcsnap-2014-07-08-07h03m13s1375 p.m., we received information of a fire in the western part of Boca del Rio.  As a result, we responded along with the Fire department, where upon our arrival, we noticed that a wooden building with cement structure to the bottom was engulfed in flames.  As a result the Fire department came into action, where they tried to extinguish the fire, but before they could do that seven buildings were destroyed by the fire. This morning, the Mayor and the representatives of NEMO, they were out at the scene, trying to help these families being housed and so forth.”

Police believe that the fire originated from the second floor of a concrete and wooden structure owned by Maria Gomez. However, they have not been able to determine if it was an act of arson. Police continue to investigate.

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