Fire Mercilessly Consumes Residence on Fabers’ Road

vlcsnap-2013-11-29-20h12m28s164There was a housefire last night in Belize City. A family residing at #2909 Fabers Road were forced to quickly evacuate their premises when a fire caught and the family matriarch fainted due to smoke inhalation. Her daughter, Irma Crawford, spoke to us off-camera about the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Mrs. Irma Crawford- Owner of Burnt House

“When I sit dong deh, my kids… fih dehn pa coh, rite yah.  So, I tell my dawtah, e pa coh look forah.  So, he seh, yu dih sidong yah an yoh hous deh pahn fayah?  So, I run gaan Craawl Road an dehn bway seh, I just dih coh fahn huow fih tel you how yoh house gaa fayah!   And when I get deh, I seh, weh my ma deh?  Weh my kids dehn deh?  But dehn seh dehn gaan pahn dih lang barrics step.   Polis mih dih intawveen boh I tellah, I ca’h tek no intawveen fahn he becaz I need fuh sih my ma.   Fahn deh, I ten to my ma pahn dih lang barrics step and I tell the lady tanks or whosoevah tek care ah my ma’ and I care my ma da haspital til like 12 last night.  I really need help right now urgently because muy kids dehn cluoz dehn just gaan; I no hav notting”.  So, if anybaddy out deh, just gih we ah lee asistance and we will accept it”.

vlcsnap-2013-11-29-20h13m04s247Crawford says all her family were inside, her 12 year old son, and grandchildren ages 7, 5, 4 and 2 and that timely intervention was able to get them out.

The family is currently staying at a family member’s house and the grandmother is stable and recovering.  It is not clear if the house is insured according to Crawford. If you can assist please contact the family at 622-9050.

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