Fire Suppression System for Youth Hostel

vlcsnap-7533-06-26-15h38m05s154The country is still reeling from the horrific news of three teenage girls being burned alive as they huddled together in a locked room at the vlcsnap-9313-12-08-00h39m14s265Youth Hostel at mile 21  on the George Price Highway.  As authorities seek answers to the many questions surrounding the profoundly sad incident, steps are already being taken to address the lack of a fire suppression system at the Youth Hostel;  a Youth Hostel which has had its facilities set on fire before by other troubled girls.   This time, there were loss of  lives, those of 16-year-old Anna Melinda Carlos, 14-year-old Elizabeth Mckoy and vlcsnap-2126-09-15-22h42m28s95916-year-old Shadisha Arnold At yesterday’s press briefing, CEO in the Ministry of Human Development, Judith Alpuche, told the media that  a loan from the Inter American  Development Bank  has been approved for a fire suppression system to be built at the institution, a 154 thousand dollar investment. The loan falls under the Community Action for Public safety programme but was not originally a feature of the loan agreement, but following this weekend’s incident, the parties have agreed that it is an essential piece, and is currently vlcsnap-6666-05-30-23h31m22s290under construction.   The fire suppression system is expected to be completed within a month or two.  In the meantime, an independent investigation into the untimely death by fire of the girls will be conducted. That investigation will be headed by former magistrate and director of family court Margaret Nicholas of the NCFC . vlcsnap-4353-05-08-07h14m58s167

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