Firearm Stolen From Police Station Leaves Terrible Trail

18 year old Kevin Rodriguez was one of three men murdered over the weekend in Belize City. Officer Commanding Precinct Two Superintendent Alford Grinage says police may be closing in on solving the case over the next few days.

“…Rhaburn’s Alley, but I know that the one that was found in the Jane Usher Boulevard area is from the Precinct 2 area…it is for the police, yeah”.

Reporter:  “Is police turning an internal investigation?”

vlcsnap-2014-04-16-17h53m59s193Superintendent Alford Grinage:  “Yes, we have launched an internal investigation that is still ongoing”.

Reporter:  “Could you tell us when that weapon came in?   Have you ascertained that?  What crime was it in relation to?”

Superintendent Alford Grinage:  “It was home property.  Acting upon a tip, we visited a Yard in the Jane Usher Boulevard area, whereby that firearm was located in the yard”.

Reporter:  “Sir, how can you show it is from this precinct”.

Superintendent Alford Grinage:  “It was stolen from the one of the police officers who was on duty, who signed for it and he might have left it careless, set it down and it was disappeared from then”.

Reporter:  “Was he out patrolling or…?”

Superintendent Alford Grinage:  “He was on duty, but he came to the station and they stole it from the station”.

vlcsnap-2014-04-15-07h27m23s74Rodriguez was mercilessly slaughtered in front of a family’s friend’s home. But his death is indirectly linked to the mysterious theft of a firearm from the Raccoon Street Police Station, Precinct 2 headquarters.

Police have already indicated that Rodriguez was questioned about the firearm but released, and say they have no reason to believe at this time that it was the reason he was murdered.

The firearm was recovered and now police have launched an internal investigation into how an officer carelessly laid aside the weapon and allowed it to get on the streets, where it is implicated in a recent homicide.  We get more from Superintendent Grinage.

Superintendent Alford Grinage:  “The other murder with the one at Jane Usher Boulevard is still ongoing; we have some leads that we are following on, and I think that within the rest of four days or so, we can give you an update of that or part of that in the interview”. 

Investigations into both incidents continue, while Police in precincts one and three are investigating the deaths of Darrington Lauriano and Alfonso Cruz, respectively.

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