Firey Exchange Erupts in Assembly Over Various Corruption Allegations

Yesterday at the Sitting of the House of Representatives, all seemed to be going rather calmly; so much so that the leader of the opposition even mentioned that he received a text congratulating the House on the civility of the proceedings.

But that calm would only last for a while as it appears that there can be no House Sitting without its fair share of ministerial drama.  This time it was between the three representatives of Orange Walk; Hon. Jose Mai, Hon. Gaspar Vega and Hon. Johnny Briceño.

Representative for Orange Walk South, Hon. Jose Mai, was the one to set the ball rolling when he made note of land scandals supposedly concerning the UDP and made a plea that the Prime Minister act swiftly to intervene.

However, his statement hit hard with the Minister of Natural Resources and sparked a series of fiery comebacks that opened some old scars.

vlcsnap-2014-02-06-21h46m49s174Hon. Gaspar Vega- Minister of Natural Resources

vlcsnap-2014-02-06-21h25m53s163“Who is the representative from Orange Walk South to talk?…bffss…luk ya bway, mek ah tel you, yes, you…ah no wa call you dong”.

Speaker of the House  of Representatives:  “Members, members, members, why are you embarrassing yourselves?  Members, calm down”.

Hon. Gaspar Vega:  “You are the one that was caught red-handed with the contraband beer, aaaah!”

Speaker of the House  of Representatives:  “Sit down; both of you sit down, please”

vlcsnap-2014-02-06-21h24m32s117Hon. Johnny Briceno:  “He was caught with a whole container load of contraband in 1998.  He asked me for help, Mr. Speaker, and I helped him, so e no get in trouble.  Bway, stap dih point fingaaz like dat, maan!  I have never spoken about this Mr. Speaker”.

Speaker of the House  of Representatives:  “Sit down, member; sit down, please”.

Hon. Johnny Briceno:  “I have been very quite about it, Mr. Speaker.  Tellah mek e stap it, man”.

Speaker of the House  of Representatives:  “Sit down, member; sit down”.

Speaker of the House  of Representatives:  “Member for Belize Rural central, what would you call that?”

vlcsnap-2014-02-06-21h26m32s57Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia:  “Mr. Speaker, I just rose on a Point of Order”.

Speaker of the House  of Representatives:  “What would you call that what the member for Orange Walk Central just did? What would you call  it?”

Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia:  “I call it that we have to defend ourselves, Mr. Speaker; that is what I call it”.

vlcsnap-2014-02-06-21h47m20s25Hon. Gaspar Vega:  “Mr. Speaker, I want to remind the Hon. Briceno, member for Orange Walk Central that I will never ask him for any favour because I know weh he mek outta”.

Speaker of the House  of Representatives:  “Sit down, member”.

Hon. Gaspar Vega:  “No, Mr. Speaker, and I want to remind him that I remember when I was charged for undervaluing, and that case went to court, and I won the case…unlike your dad that went to jail for drug trafficking!  I want to remind him, that…”

Speaker of the House  of Representatives:  “Ministah, ministah!”

Hon. Gaspar Vega:  “…that if it would have not been for the chief from BDF, they would have locked him up in Chetumal the first day because you took a gun to Chetumal, illegally!

Speaker of the House  of Representatives:  “Ministah, ministah, ministah, sit dong, membah, sit dong!”

Hon. Gaspar Vega:  “Tank yu Mistah Speekah”.

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