First game played on new synthetic field

Last night on Tuesday the 16th of March, fans flocked the newly renovated Isodoro Beaton Football stadium to witness the inaugural match of the new synthetic turf.  Earlier Tuesday morning, the new stadium, which cost just under 4 milion dollars was ceremonially inaugurated but Tuesday night’s game was the official “christening” of the turf as it were.  The new stadium is home to the Belmopan-based Bandits Football Club and the international club friendly game last night was between the Belmopan Bandits against Honduras Progresso. That inaugural match saw the attendance of some estimated 1200 persons, already stretching the carrying capacity of the facility. It was a packed event where Belizean football fans people from all over the country came to support their team and to see the FIFA approved football stadium in action. However, in the end, the final score was 3 nil in favor of the Honduras Progresso team.  vlcsnap-2016-03-17-09h37m11s945 vlcsnap-2016-03-17-09h37m10s147

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