First Hearing of Mr. Trevor Vernon vs. Hon. Edmund Castro Postponed

vlcsnap-2014-03-24-19h07m56s127Minister of State Edmond “Clear The Land” Castro is being sued by one of his constituents, Trevor Vernon, who believes that in his actions during and after some 80 cheques were distributed by the Belize Airports Authority, totaling over $30,000, he violated the Code of Conduct enshrined in the Constitution and the Corruption in Public Life Act. The case was scheduled for hearing today before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, but it has been postponed until May 5.

Neither man was present in court, although Castro has a valid reason: he was in Belmopan at today’s Budget Debate. In court, attorneys for both sides of the case – Philip Palacio for Vernon and Naima Barrow for Castro – reported to the Chief Justice that Castro was only personally served with the claim form notice on Sunday.Castro’s attorneys have four weeks to respond to the claim before the hearing on May 5.

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