Fish Factory vessel flying Belizean Flag arrested and seized

Another International Ship flying the Belize Flag is under investigation for illegal fishing. The Damanzaihao  is considered to be the world’s largest fish factory vessel in the world, capable of processing 547,000 tons of fish per year. Environmental Agents from Peru  boarded the Damanzaihao this week as part of a federal criminal investigation based on presumed acts of illegal fishing.  Peruvian authorities have also accused the Damanzaihao of polluting the marine environment by the illegal discharge of effluents while anchored in Chimbote. The vessel has since been detained but has tried twice to leave the harbor.  The Damanzaihao switched flag states from Peru to Belize while anchored in Peruvian waters, possibly in an effort to escape possible prosecution in Peru. Belize does not have adequate infrastructure to Police the very international Vessels it licenses through IMABRE. This industry has already earned Belize a bad reputation as the Country was “red carded” by the European Commission for its lack of commitment to tackle illegal fishing on the high seas.  Sea Shepherd Vessel M/V John Paul DeJoria was recently in Peruvian waters gathering intelligence to assist the Peruvian Government in its fight against Illegal Fishing. They say Belize continues to inappropriately provide the Damanzaihao with Country Flag coverage, allowing it to destroy marine ecosystems across the planet 

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