Fisheries Department Addresses EU Ban

high seas fishing in the CaribbeanWhile Belize’s local fisheries exports to the European Union (EU) have not been affected by a proposed ban on vessels carrying the Belize flag from selling products which the Union believes are caught illegally, there is a risk and the Government has moved to act. Their actions are based on the recommendations of the Fisheries Department, and on Wednesday acting administrator Mr. George Myvette briefly addressed the issue with reporters.

Mr. George Myvette- Acting Administrator of the Fisheries Department

vlcsnap-2013-11-29-12h15m14s21“I think you are right that it obviously has an economic impact, but I must make mention that we don’t have a Fisheries Department functioning outside of the ambit of the political governance structure with the government.  So, our advice has been taken on board and I don’t think the decision that was made was a concern”.

As Prime Minister Dean Barrow explained, the Government is working to amend current laws to reach EU compliance.



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