Fisheries officer accused of Illegal activity

A fisheries officer attached to the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, in San Pedro, is being accused for involvement in illicit activity concerning drugs.

A letter dated the 16th of October outlining the security risks of the officer’s apparent rouge-like behaviour was forwarded to high ranking officials within the police department, including the Minister of National Security.

According to the letter, the officer, attached to the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, North Ambergris Caye, is being closely monitored by the cops and has allegedly even confessed that he brings men in from Corozal to work for him as “playadores” (drug beach combers), who would pick up “wet-drops” (or drugs that are washed up on the beachside).

The letter further states that the officer has also confessed to be involved in other illegal activity.

The patrolling of the beach in search for “wet-drops” has led to many murders in the recent past, posing a serious security risk to the area.

The letter also made an extraordinary claim that the officer, according to sources, is wanted dead by the Mexican Cartel.

The letter ended in a solemn warning urging an internal investigation and the swift removal of the officer.

The letter is addressed to the Head of the Fisheries Department and carbon copied to the CEO, OCED, Compol Ops, and the Ministry of National Security.

A call to the Ministry of Fisheries revealed that the officer has been temporarily released from duties, in response to the allegations, while police continue to investigate.

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