Fishermen nabbed for closed season lobster

Lobster season is closed from February 15 to June 14 of any given year and while the opening of the season is only six days away, two fishermen and a watchman who worked with them apparently could not wait and were caught with 142 of the crustaceans. The Fisheries Department picked up 54 year old Fisherman, Jose Agstin Garrido, of Consejo Village, Corozal District, along with 53 year old Armando Ramirez, a Fisherman of Chula Vista, Corozal District and 50 year old Watchman for Port of Stuck Camp, Jose Rodriguez, were all charged jointly with possession of 142 undersized lobsters.  The trio appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza this afternoon; Ramirez and Rodriguez pleaded not guilty but Garrido took the fault. He was fined $200 for the offense, which carries a maximum penalty of $500 and must pay an additional $20 for each lobster, which comes up to $2,840. The fines are due by November 7, 2016, in default 14 total months imprisonment.  After Garrido pleaded guilty, Prosecutor, Callman Hall withdrew the charge from Ramirez and Rodriguez and they were free to go.    Jose Rodriguez is the watchman for Port of Stuck Camp which is owned by Jose Agstin Garrido.   The bust was made yesterday, June 7, 2016 in Belize City. Port of Stuck is located on the sea wall of the river in Belize City.vlcsnap-2016-06-09-15h24m48s461

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