Five Cave Tubing Workers to be Charged in Reyes Attack

vlcsnap-2014-06-05-05h53m03s160At news time, five employees of Yohnny Rosado’s business, (Butts Up) have been formally charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm.

This is in connection with last Thursday’s brutal attack on 23 year old rival tour guide Vitalino Reyes, Jr., who continues to recover from severe head trauma sustained from being hit in the head with a pint bottle and kicked.

The court in Belize City closes half an hour earlier on Fridays and as of closing time the men had not been brought in.

It is expected, according to our court sources, that they would be granted what is known as “station bail,” and released to appear on court on Monday. Audrey Matura-Shepherd has taken up their defense and says they will defend their names as they all maintain that they had no contact with either Reyes, Jr., or Yoney Vega.

Vega was the first to allege that Rosado’s employees had attacked them. But Matura-Shepherd made a disturbing claim in speaking with reporters today: that police at the Queen Street Police Station allegedly went back on their word and deliberately ordered an identification parade to be conducted with the accused.

vlcsnap-2014-06-06-21h06m12s205Audrey Matura Shepherd- Attorney for Cave Tubing

“I really have an issue of how police have dealt with this case because yesterday, I sat with Sgt. Belisle who is responsible for this case, and he had asked if my clients would do an ID parade, and explained to them no and why because police had already made up their mind and had already said and done prejudicial things that would not have served their interest.  Despite that, they dragged them out into an ID parade, and they said that no because that that ID parade was very unfair and unjust. Of course, it is not only to go to court that is prejudice,  The sad thing is that police would go and lens to get evidence.  Then, of course, they say the DPP directed, but the DPP can only go as far as what the paper on face has; she can’t have and go to investigate behind the scene”.

As the men’s attorney, Matura-Shepherd says she is very interested in finding out who is behind the police’s change of heart.  As previously reported the workers had voluntarily gone in to make statements stating that they had not been involved and police who went to the scene had not at that time taken anyone from Rosado’s group in.

The sudden change leaves Matura-Shepherd very worried.

Audrey Matura Shepherd:  “If that was the case, these gentlemen were at the bar that night, four police officers arrived, did on-the-spot interview to determine who was mighty-guy or who wasn’t.  These guys were lear totally; I am amazed to find out and I ma waiting to see the disclosure to see who would have come forward to say that these guys attacked anybody because what was there at that night,  was not is being alleged now.  So, if police really believe that these guys really attacked them and they had the people there and they knew; they don’t have a problem with identity, and the you didn’t take them in because there and then you got people that can give you a word that  they were not involved in anything, how did we reach at this stage?”  There is something totally wrong with it and I insist that there is no police has to say about it.  But we have to make the process go.  My clients maintain that they never attacked Mr.Vitalino Jr. and they find that it is the most unfortunate situation, they wish him well,we want want him full recovery and the other part of it is that remember, these two gentlemen were very much intoxicated.  So, there is more to the story that these two young men eventually suffer through the process”.

The fate of Rosado himself hangs in the balance. Officially, police say they have no interest in him. But this week’s turn of events proves that anything is possible.

Audrey Matura Shepherd

vlcsnap-2014-06-05-05h55m20s242“I asked Sgt. Belisle why is it that you want to now know, detain and arrest Mr. Yohnny Rosado.  He said, “no, he is cleared”.  That is ironic because then they are trying to say that we have cleared Mr. Rosado, who in his statement said that these guys stood with him, stayed with him, they also gave statements, and so you believe one an you don’t believe the other five?  But even the police, I spoke to them professional to professional telling them my position if behind my back I did something else, I don’t think I can take their word, so anything can happen”.

We texted Matura Shepherd after five p.m. this evening for an update but she has yet to respond.  We will continue to follow the story.

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