Flipping Flips out; resigns from UDP

Melvin Hulse has resigned from the United Democratic Party and in characteristic “Flipping” style, he made the announcement on a Live broadcast.  This morning, the former UDP Minister and former Stann Creek West Standard Bearer for the UDP was guest on Love FM’s morning talk show where he dropped the news.

 Melvin Hulse: As of today I am officially no member of the UDP party, I resign from the party. I want to be an independent, free thinker. When you belong to a party you are to a degree obligated, not to vlcsnap-2015-08-31-19h56m56s211be attacking your organization. Man if I was working for BTL I can’t be bad mouthing BTL, not bad mouthing, I can’t be criticizing them. I work for LOVE FM, I can’t criticize them. We co do it out deh, and then they tape we and we get inna trouble. So I have decided that I’ve reached a point that we’re on a different page. My loyalty that we have an obligation to the lawsuit people.

Hulse was recently forced to step down as the UDP standard bearer for Stann Creek West after he was recorded making statements about the UDP Party Leader and Prime Minister Dean Barrow, alleging corrupt practices during the bi-election process.  The Prime Minster indicated that the statements made against him were libelous and that he would sue Melvin Hulse and had him resign as UDP Standard Bearer. That was in June of this year when Hulse made  a public apology to the PM and his party saying that the things he said about any corrupt acts in his party were untrue. Today, Hulse  says that he is now free to speak  since he is not aligned to any political party and has no intentions of running for any political office again; free to speak on any issue and address any complaints coming from the grassroots people. He discussed some of those concerns that are brought to him from time to time.


Melvin Hulse: Man it’s a constant struggle to get land issues straightened out with them leases and you hear all these excuse. Then people give you their word that yes bwai we a get thing done, this done I a do that, they don’t keep their word. Then it start to show that if you are not, like me,  if you are not a key person in party then you stop being a Belizean and you can’t get any of the benefit from the ministry and you can’t push for things and whatnot. Some of the parents went to Ecumenical just last week. The school the tell them that guess what, all those of you all who were recommended by Mr. Hulse and that cease, this is what they told to the parents. Some parents had to take our their kids. Its reaching a stage where if you are not owning a title, then nobody who, and da nuh you di ask you know. Da nuh like we sit down ovah 27 years and seh bwai we a help this village. Tha the villagers come together and she Mr. Hulse these kids need help. I’m the messenger who goes deliver it to the ministry. What I have discovered, nobody cares about the message,  let’s kill the messenger, let’s be bex with the messenger, the messenger and me nuh have the same opinion. That da bullcrap okay. We getting less and less. We got no Christmas cheers. We got no Mother’s Day cheers in StannCreek. We nuh happy with Hulse soh 30,000 people, grassroot people, 23 villages tough luck. I have a problem with that, I have an opinion, and if you disagree you are then ostracized? Or you cease to be a Belizean? You go to the ministry, because I am not active in politics that means I nuh suppose to try help grassroots people? Or try get education and try get them lease and land papers and title and electricity that they promise to us for umpteen years. nuh nuh nuh nuh you nuh play, weh you mean by play. I just need to sensitize my former colleagues that they di run fu election, and if I see lee injustice the goan, and I see wah lee thing, they can’t fault me from come pan the media and expose it. A lot has happened over the last 7 years.

And while he was free to express his personal opinions without party restrictions, Hulse gave his honest opinion of PetroCaribe and his opinion that it does not entail enough consensus on how it is being  distributed and also mentioned that he does not support going to the ICJ over the Belize Guatemala claim.

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