Flooding in parts of Belmopan

Scattered showers poured rain over the country soaking several families in flood prone areas between last night and today. Families in vlcsnap-2015-11-27-11h28m44s6Belmopan were not spared from last night’s showers. Several families in the outlying communities of Belmopan went to sleep last night only to get up this morning and find themselves ankle deep in water. Our Journalist Emanuel Pech spoke to one of the families who needed urgent assistance.  In the Rivera Area of Belmopan, there is also a growing concern of flooding especially since the flood waters pass in front of a primary school, namely Shepherds Academy. We met City Engineer Wilfred Wade who told us what they are doing to alleviate that situation.


Wilfred Wade, City Engineer: I think that since Quality Poultry established this line drain, it concentrate water in one particular area, prior to that, the water does spread evenly around this area, so it was not noticeable but because it’s concentrated, it presents a problem that we have to deal with now.

Emmanuel Pech, Reporter: Sir is this a concern for the people at City Council since it’s in a school?vlcsnap-2015-11-27-11h30m20s141

Wilfred Wade, City Engineer: Yes, certainly it is. As a matter of fact I did a proposal to the mayor and he is in agreement of it that we’re going to put a culvert in the middle of here and put another drain alongside parallel to the next one that will take the water evenly down to the river.

Emmanuel Pech, Reporter: How soon can we see the culvert being built here at Rivera as it seems to be a pressing matter?

Wilfred Wade, City Engineer: Well I will try to get it before Christmas, that is the best I can say about that because it will take a lot of money to do that because I want to do a concrete box culvert here and then to dig the drain opposite the drain that is established, I will need to get an excavator with a jack hammer because we will definitely encounter some big boulders.

vlcsnap-2015-11-27-11h33m19s189vlcsnap-2015-11-27-11h25m33s255Works have already begun in the Rivera area to make for immediate release to the area of Shepherds Academy. The City Council hopes to establish proper drainage facilities as a medium term plan of action. In the mean time, they continue to excavate drain water ways to provide some much needed relief to flood prone areas in the Capital. Around 3pm this afternoon our cameras visited the George Price Highway at Mount Pleasant Creek just outside of the city of Belmopan. About 1 foot of water was across the road for several hours slowing down the traffic. The Mount Pleasant creek carries water from Belmopan out to the Belize river, but it appears that the culverts could not accommodate the volume of water that accumulated near the road.

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