Flooding in San Ignacio

Streets in San Ignacio Town were flooded on Saturday following heavy rainfall from Friday evening.  The rains from the mountains quickly inundated the streets in several areas of the town. The waters eventually flowed down to the river, sparing the twin town of Santa Elena. Mayor of the Twin Towns, Earl Trapp, spoke about the unprecedented flooding

Earl Trapp, Mayor of San Igancio and Santa Elena: It was a rain, a sudden rain that we weren’t expecting and it was real torrential rain. vlcsnap-00260The volume of water that came down from the hills were just too immense and not withstanding that our drains were clean, the water was so much that it overflowed through people’s yard, over the streets, over the drains and that’s what brought down all the debris that was hanging loose in the people’s yard. It had a serious effect on basically 50% of San Ignacio. Downtown in front of the police station, by the market, by the Macal Park, even the cemetery was flooded. We had the Cayo NorthEast area, we had the Bullettree road by Chuc’s gas station, we had the Flamingo area by the park. The water was just flowing right through the park, over the drain, over the street, it was just too much and people had to be displaced temporarily until after the rains and thereafter we came out and began to clean up.

The waters receded by the following day, leaving behind a lot of debris. Mayor Trapp told us about the subsequent cleanup effort.

Earl Trapp, Mayor of San Igancio and Santa Elena: There were many debris all over the streets. The river, the low ling bridge, it was really dirty. We had some different branches that were just floating down the low lying bridge and that’s why we had to go early yesterday morning and clean out. Today we continue with the cleaning and that cleaning will continue for the remainder of this week cause there are so many debris that are floating and lying all over the town.vlcsnap-00262 vlcsnap-00261 vlcsnap-00259

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