Fonseca Will Not Be Challenged

In a PUP press conference on March 5th, the day after the blow out defeat in the municipal elections, the PUP party leader had stated that there needs to be a lot of self examination within the party but maintained that he is not ready to step down as the leader and that he enjoys the confidence of most if not all of the PUP standard bearers across the country. But in light of the recent developments, could we be seeing a National convention to re-elect the leaders of the People’s United Party? We spoke to two senior members who gave us their take on the suggestion of a National Convention.


“Sir, will you be one of those people advocating for a national convention and if there is a national convention, will you consider putting your name in it?”

John Briceño- Area Representativevlcsnap-2015-03-18-10h58m55s71

We are going way ahead of ourselves now, at this time. I think yes, the Party Leader is listening to what is going on within the party  and I do believe that if more people were to talk to him about a national convention,   I think that it is something that he will do , if he wished to consider. And well as to if anyone is going to challenge the party leader, I think it is something that would be looked at that time. Certainly it is not something that we can look at presently today.


“But you are saying that we are going to pick what  is going to happen but you can’t challenge me?”

Francis Fonseca – Leader of the Oppositionvlcsnap-2015-03-18-09h51m22s25

“Uhhum, yes.  That is the position of my party, not my position, that is the position of my party. Whether you like it or not, I enjoy the support and confidence of the people who are standard bearers, representatives, chairpersons of this party, there may be a few exceptions,  but whether you like that or not Mike,  That is the position of the People’s United Party.”


“But apparently you don’t enjoy as much  support from the supporters of the PUP who didn’t come out for the municipal elections.”


Francis Fonseca-

Well you want to rehashed that, but they’re many factors that went into that. You would like to enjoy drawing that conclusion that Francis Fonseca is the problem, I know you would enjoy that, that keeps you up at night. But listen, keep in mind Jules, that your hero, Dean Barrow, for 8 years as leader of the opposition has  not win an election.”

Julius Espat– Area Representativevlcsnap-2015-03-18-11h22m38s219

“You have to be real, we cannot afford to have a challenge right now if we want to have any chance of winning the next general elections. “


“Do you support that?”

Julius Espat-

“Of course, I was the one that proposed that he should not be challenged. And yourself not be challenged.”


“And yourself not be challenged.”


Julius Espat

“Well I can go to a convention, that doesn’t really bother me.”


“But sir, you agree that something is wrong because the results are going in the wrong direction.”

 Julius Espat



“The results are showing that UDP is becoming more and more popular. “

Julius Espat

“No, we have to be practical. Anybody as a citizen of this country, with the way this government is spending money, will vote for a UDP for a municipal because they want some benefit to come out.”


As it would appear, the People’s United Party, shaken by a sound municipal defeat and haunted by the ghost of the past, is heading into the 2017 General Elections with Hon. Francis Fonseca at the helm.

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