Food Vendor’s body pulled from sea

The body of a food vendor was retrieved from the sea in Dangriga.

Stann Creek correspondent Harry Arzu has the story.


Harry Arzu

“The body of a man was found floating in the sea here in Dangriga in front of Holy Ghost Primary School. He has been identified as 45 year old Simon Norberto, a food vendor of the Rivas Estate area of this municipality.

His common law wife said that he left home this morning at about 5:10AM to go swimming, like he did yesterday.

Just before six this morning his body was found floating in the sea. Here is an eyewitness account from a person who was about to take a swim in the same area, Denmark Hernandez.”


vlcsnap-2014-09-06-07h33m14s10Denmark Hernandez

{Paraphrased] “About 5:30 this morning, in fromt of Holy Ghost School, Dangriga, I was about to take a little swim.  At the same time I see a bicycle and some clothes outside, by the wayside, laying down. 

Then I noticed nobody was around, but their clothes were there. So I [thought] let me take a little exercise.  While I was exercising, I noticed nobody came around.  At the same time I decided to go in the water and take my little swim.

vlcsnap-2014-09-06-07h43m39s210Before reaching the water knee deep, I noticed that something was floating in the water.  I thought it was a manatee or something.  Then I noticed the back of this thing.  It looked like a human back.

Right there, I decided to call the BDF, for them to come and check it out the thing in the water. 

They discovered it was a body.  The body washed up on the shore.  The neighbor said it was ‘Big Si’, Simon Nolberto.

But it wasn’t certain it was ‘Big Si’, until the Police turned him over, then found it was ‘Big Si,’ “


Harry Arzu

‘The family said that they are suspicious of their loved one’s death. A post mortem examination will take place on his body sometime today in Belize City.’

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