Football Player Robbed after practice

A resident of Belmopan was coming home from football practice late at night when he was accosted by two men and robbed of his belongings. The incident occurred on the central walk way near Turneff Avenue just after 10 pm on Wednesday July 20th. Quick response from the Belmopan police lead to the immediate apprehension of two individuals within 5 minutes of making the distress call, according to authorities. Superintendent Howell Gillett, told us more about the incident.

Sup. Howell Gillett – O.C Belmopan Police Stationvlcsnap-2015-07-24-10h25m28s52

“Mr. Michal reported that two male persons accosted him – one armed with a machete. He was dispossessed  of a number of personal items including a football bag, boots, football jersey, Nike shoes, all to a total value of almost $500 Belize currency. Quick and decisive police response has led to the arrest of two male persons who are lead to believe are the persons who robbed Mr. Balderamos. These persons are in our custody and we will lay charges later today and they will be brought to the Magistrate court here in Belmopan. During the robbery Mr. Baldaramos was wounded in two locations – one in his hand by the machete and he had a bite wound on his leg. “

Two individuals have since been detained and police say that by tomorrow they should be charged and arraigned.

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