Football stadium not up to standard for CONCACAF games

vlcsnap-2013-06-05-19h18m18s170Tonight, word coming out of the FFB is that the premier league of Belize Champion02, the Belmopan Bandits, will not be participating in the CONCACAF Champion league 2013-2014. This comes after CONCACAF’s stadium inspectors determined that the local stadium still does not meet the minimum standard requirements for the games. One of the areas of most importance is the lighting. Since all of the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE matches are broadcast in High Definition, the minimum requirement is 800 lux throughout the field of play. Other requirements include improvements of the field of play, air conditioned locker rooms for referee and players, the installation of a standby generator for emergency lighting and three five star hotel in the vicinity of the stadium. But all is not lost says the FFB, as the federation will invite clubs from neighboring countries to give the Belmopan Bandits Football Club the opportunity to engage in international friendly matches. The Federation says it stays committed to having its Champion participate in CONCACAF Champions League Tournament and intends to bring the stadium in Belmopan up to the required standard.

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