Former Alcalde of Santa Ana wants names to be removed from court case

vlcsnap-2013-08-02-08h58m24s196The  former Alcalde of Santa Ana, Ligorio Coy, who at one time headed both the TAA and MLA, is now clamoring for his and three other names to be removed from the case, citing that he did not give his initial personal consent to be added. Mr Coc told us that Mr Coy and the other Alcaldes who spoke to the press in Belize City earlier this week did in fact give their consent to the case when initially presented in 2008, and that they did so both in their own right and as representatives of their respective communities. While Alcaldes are voted in and out every two years, she said, it was understood that each community’s view on the case has not changed from then to now. The men in question, she accused, have “sold out” their communities and joined with U.S. Capital Energy and in Coy’s case, she told us,  has a job with them. According to Coc, Coy is not being truthful when he claims to have contacted Antoinette Moore, senior counsel representing the MLA and TAA, to take his name off the case; he can be removed, she noted, but he would have to make a formal request to do so. The Supreme Court claim against the Government for contempt of court was withdrawn on Monday before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin after the outcome of the appeal became widely known.

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