Former employees of Belize Central Prison take grievances to Court

vlcsnap-2013-05-03-20h48m28s188Last month news broke of the stand-off between former employees of the Belize Central Prison and the prison’s managers, Kolbe Foundation. Those former employees had publicly charged the organization with firing too many employees without due process, among other charges made in a documentary released on Facebook. After prison officials tried and failed to get the documentary removed, legal options entered the picture and on Thursday the matter landed before Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel. Prison CEO Earl Jones and Kolbe CEO John Woods have filed suit against Herman Blease, Abdul Nunez, Carla Kasimiro and Carla Budna, asking the court to restrain them from continuing their campaign against the prison. Kolbe considers the material erroneous and defamatory, and charge libel against its makers, noting that there are pamphlets and other published information repeating the claims against the prison. Courtenay Coye LLP appeared for the prison but the respondents have no legal representation. In chambers on Thursday it was agreed to adjourn the case to July by which time the group should have acquired their attorneys.

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