Former Executive Director of SIF addresses media on his resignation

vlcsnap-2013-09-20-07h30m43s249On Thursday afternoon former Executive Director of the Social Investment Fund Daniel Cano came forward to address the press about his resignation and the contention surrounding the organization’s dealings with contractor Kennard Smart especially concerning the Dangriga Town Market Project.
Daniel Cano was with the organization since 1999 and served as its executive director for three years, but he admits that certain management decisions he took were directly responsible for the current situation. He specifically mentioned the lack of a policy for employees taking gifts from outside sources which allowed Smart to coopt 4 employees within the organization but did not prevent him from passing off substandard work as complete. Cano firmly denied any contact with Smart and demanded an apology from him for false accusations.
Regarding the market project Cano said that contractor Lyndon Bailey and financier Emy Ramirez acted of their own free will and through no coercion of SIF or himself. He also spoke of the departure of Anthony Thurton as consultant to the project due to payment issues and took responsibility for not more quickly putting in place a policy to address the gift-taking which cost four employees including public relations man Mike Hernandez their jobs. Cano said he voluntarily resigned to free up the organization and not because he was personally involved in any alleged corruption, bribery or other illegal practice. We will have more in tomorrow’s newscast.

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