Former FFB president ordered by court to pay up

vlcsnap-2013-08-30-07h53m12s185Former President of the FFB Bertie Chimillo was in court again on Friday.  As we told you in Thursday night’s newscast, Mr Chimilio was summoned to court by the Income tax Department regarding the recovery of arrears.  The record is showing that Mr Chimillo owes income tax some $13,900 plus $19,355.00. This morning saw the testimony of Income Tax Supervisor, Ann Castillo. She alleges that Bertie Chimillo was making $5,000 a month as FFB President, which was an annual income of $60,000. This came after there appeared to be barely or next to no records to do a proper assessment after they found out many of the files were destroyed to help them properly. While Mr Chimillo denied making a monthly salary, he later admitted to getting a salary but claim it was only $3,000 a month. That figure was later assessed by the Income Tax Department to be more – $3,500 in fact and well after tallying in fuel and other miscellaneous expenses, which brought the total monthly figure to $5,000 a month. But according to Castillo, there were several cheques that reflected monies larger than $5,000 and when she question him about the cheques with values over $5,000, Chimillo she said told her that he used those for the Football Association.   That figure has allegedly increased since then, but there was no figure to provide to the court what that increase was at this time. By the end of this afternoon’s session which began at 1:30 sharp, Magistrate Hamilton after admitting into evidence receipts that Castillo spoke of in her assessment of Mr Chimillo’s monthly fee,  he ruled in a judgment that Bertie Chimillo must pay the Income Tax Department the sum of $500 monthly effective September 5, 2013, that’s Thursday of next week. According to Castillo, in her investigation, she sought out records from May of 2012 and whilst doing so, their records for non-filing regarding Chimillo showed that he had done had not been filing for several.  So when she noticed that, she wrote Mr Chimillo a letter first requesting that he submit all his records for the period of 2010-2011. According to Castillo, a month later, in June 2012, Mr Chimillo came into the Income Tax Department Office to discuss the contents of the letter with her.  Then he had no records to show that he was receiving any income from the FFB. Castillo further added that she then contacted exiting, (current) members of the FFB to provide her with any information regarding Mr Chimillo during the time he was employed with FFB. Castillo said she later received receipts of cancel cheques and salary register but they were not for the current period but for present periods, because according to the existing members of FFB, the pass records had already been destroyed. We note that during the Income Tax Supervisor’s testimony, Bertie Chiumilio’s behavior was rather bizarre – as he continuously chuckled and shook his head.

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