Former KHMH CEO unsatisfied with results of investigation and press conference

vlcsnap-2013-06-03-19h25m49s15On Friday PLUS News spoke for the first time since the discovery of the deaths of thirteen babies at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to its former CEO, Dr. Alvaro Rosado. Dr. Rosado served for almost eight years, from November 2000 to March of 2008 before being succeeded by Dr. Gary Longsworth. After the hospital’s announcement, Dr. Rosado gave limited comments to the press, mostly on how he felt the investigation should proceed. He told PLUS News that Thursday’s press conference told the nation nothing new and seemed to be more a wrap-up than a report.

Doctor Alvaro Rosado – Former CEO, KHMH:
vlcsnap-2013-06-03-19h26m14s235The Press Conference from the media coverage was basically dominated by the Medical Chief of Staff or the Director of medical services, Dr Coye. he seemed to have been the chosen go-to guy, the designated batter.  Normally you put your most credible person out there.  So I assume that Dr Coye is the most credible person ay KHMH at this time. I looked at the number of things that Dr Coye said.  He, as i said, was the center of the press Conference, and he gave us quite a few reports or bits of information, if you want to put it that way. The first one is the NICU, as it is now, was designed to hold 10 babies, but in fact at times they’re holding 20. Belize is not in a position to offer redundancy.  In other words, if the average patient count is 10, we would not normally provide for 20.  We do for 10 and then when the overload comes, we handle it as best we can.

We note that Dr. Rosado was not invited to the press conference and is basing his conclusions on what has been reported in the press. But it is safe to say he was not impressed. Reviewing the performances of Drs. Adrian Coye, Gary Longsworth and Ricardo Bustamante and Chair of the Board of Governors Chandra Nisbet Cansino, he used a sports analogy, comparing the contributions of those at the head table to an All-Star team while noting that those performances were less than stellar.

Doctor Alvaro Rosado – Former CEO, KHMH:
I’m not sure we had an all-star team.  Since you’re bringing out this sports analogy, I think we had Kobe Bryant, or one of the big stars, and he has some supporting players.  Kobe Bryant being Dr Coye, who is the designated batter, who was the guy who was up there batting, because if you look at the other team, and I will mention briefly that the other members of the team were not really contributing anything like what Dr Coye was contributing, but what he was contributing to me was not relevant to the cause and the cure for what happened.

Dr. Rosado was most shaken, he said, by Dr. Coye’s admission that even after seven babies died from Enterobacter cloacae in ten days he chose to keep the matter in-house among the staff and not notify the CEO directly. Under his tenure, he said, that would not have happened.

Doctor Alvaro Rosado – Former CEO, KHMH:
Under the conditions that I worked at the Hospital it would have been totally unacceptable. It wouldn’t have happened, and if happened some people would not have been there.
First of all I wouldn’t go into a situation saying heads must roll, because it is possible that no-one is to blame. It is possible that it’s ignorance.  It is possible that it’s lack of training.  I don’t think that if you had people who did not know what to do then you can blame them, because they did not know what to do. Of course if you want to prolong it and take it further we can say “Who hired you?” They should have known that you did not know what to do.

However, he noted that even so blame is difficult to assess in these situations. He also pointed out that the hospital had a staffed and equipped Quality Assurance Department which has not been heard from on this case.

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