Former NBA player in Belize conducting motivational talks

American Dereck Anderson, a former NBA player, is in Belize conducting motivational talks on entrepreneurship. Anderson has recently written a book called “Stamina” in which he shares some of his personal struggles and his triumphs over those hurdles in life. He focuses on the need for hard work and says that  fatigue should never defeat a person because stamina is needed to become a Champion in life. He was at the University of Belize this afternoon talking to students about the need to have stamina through their studies.

Dereck Anderson, a former NBA player:

vlcsnap-2013-08-09-12h40m36s151Everything that you need to learn is in your books, to be read. So you can’t say ‘I didn’t have the same opportunity”. All I wanted for anyone to give me was the opportunity to be great.  The rest is on me. 

You have to study to be better.  That’s the only way you will be better at anything.  If you don’t study in your school, you can’t win at anything. 

The only difference with me and anybody else in the world who grew up with me was, I believe in me. 

You do the best job you can, and watch the rewards.  You’ll start to see things get better.  You’ll start to see you get better.  People will treat you better.  Everything changed. 

Today when I woke up I want to have a better trip.

Mr Anderson told PlusNews that he is very excited to be in Belize and shared what he hopes those who attend his motivational presentations would take with them.

Dereck Anderson, a former NBA player:

vlcsnap-2013-08-09-13h00m18s150Just to be positive with each other and make sure that they have enough stamina to win.  We all come from tough upbringings and we had a rough time, but we can get better if we stick together.  All I want everybody to do is stay together and start coming back and working together and helping each other out.

[My book] has ingredients for everything.  It’s not a blueprint but it’s a form that I’ve used to stay successful. 

Dereck Anderson will be speaking tomorrow  to the National Youth Cadet Service Corps and Princess Royal Youth Hostel. He will also be at the Radisson Fort George from 3 to 5 pm for another motivational presentation.

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