Former Olympian left off Olympic team for Rio

 Former Olympian Kaina Martinez was surprised by the announcement by the Belize Athletics Association (BAA) that Katy Sealy, heptathlete, would be wild-card representing Belize in the hurdles event at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. The recent Central American Senior Games champion in women’s 100-metres and 4 by 100-metre relay, and silver medalist in 200 meters, told us via telephone from Texas this afternoon how she learned of the news:
Kaina Martinez, Former Belizean Olympian

” When they sent me a link of this I saw a post by Katy Sealy saying that she was given the wild- card to represent Belize in the 2016 Olympicsvlcsnap-2016-06-24-14h43m09s885 . Honestly, I was in awe because I did not receive any official documents from BAA stating that they have made their selection and how they made it. I honestly don’t know how it was selected. I would really like to know how the selection was made and if this information is true. Like I said I have not received any official document or information that a team has been selected. As far as I know the last day for anyone who wants to qualify is sometime in July.”


When Kaina last spoke to officials she was made to believe that she was still in with a shout of qualifying despite not having met Olympic standard – she also says she has kept up with the local association with regard to her information. She said she was not aware of any other requirements to be met. According to the Stann Creek native there was an incident before the event in El Salvador where she was forced to run in her own gear while representing Belize, and combined with this news it leaves her unsure whether she will ever represent Belize internationally again:

Kaina Martinez, Former Belizean Olympian

“The truth is, I really don’t know what’s next for me considering this situation. I love my country, anyone can see that because I could have stopped when the uniform was taken from me and not run at all for the Central American Championship. I did it because all that matters to me was representing my country. After this situation, and if this situation is really true, I can’t really see myself continuing in the same direction and except different from the same people who will govern me.  If there is a change in everything then why not. Only a fool will keep going on and expect a change. I really don’t know, with the state of mind that I’m in ,what’s going to happen.”

Kaina continues to represent Texas A and M University-Kingsville in athletics and says she will continue to do herself and her country proud.

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