Former Police Sergeant acquitted of perjury

A former Police Sergeant has been acquitted of perjury. Yesterday, Anthony Polonio was freed of the charge before Justice Troadio Gonzalez. The case goes back to October of 2007, when he and another officer were accused of lying under oath during a murder trial. That trial saw the acquittal of businessman Chayben Abou-Nahara, after he was charged for the shooting death of Shawn Copius. Polonio and the other officer, during trial, stated under oath that they did not remember detaining and processing Abou-Nahara. Because of their testimonies, the case was thrown out on the ground that there was no record of Abou-Nahara being the accused murderer. The DPP then filed suit against the officers, charging them for lying under oath. Fast forward five years and Polonio was back in court to answer for the perjury charge. In the end though, the prosecution was unable to prove its case and Justice Gonzalez ordered the jury of 9 to return with a not guilty verdict. The other officer charged along with Polonio passed away before the trial began.

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