Former PUP mayor complains about new UDP council firings and hirings

In related news, the Dangriga Town Council is in the process of restructuring the council and unlike the Belmopan City Council which did not change party colour, the Dangriga Town council shifted from a PUP town council to a UDP town council. The former Mayor of Dangriga, Gilbert Swaso, called in to plus tv’s Rise and Shine show last week Wednesday April 1st lamenting that several individuals, perceived to be affiliated with the PUP, are being dismissed from the council under the guise, he said, of restructuring and redundancy .


Gilbert Swaso – Former Mayor, Dangrigavlcsnap-2015-04-13-10h29m17s2

”Yesterday, the mayor of Dangriga  fired a minimum of four people from the Dangriga Town Council under the guide that he is restructuring and the only people that he is firing are people who are  preserve  to be People’s United Party personnel or activated in Peoples United Party and those people who were employed, during the tenure of Mayor Swaso. In my view, that is contrary to the oath of allegiance  ti the office of the Mayor.  We did not fire anybody. They had Humphries’ son in the Dangriga Town Council when I took office. We did not fire him. They had Papa – Mena, we did not fire him. What we did was create additional opportunities and if we were not, in any way or form, handcuffed by the UDP’s Prime Minister Barrow, we would have made some significant progress in terms of employment and infrastructure.”


Reliable reports from the Dangriga Town Council are that up  to today, six people have been dismissed from office including the son of Former Mayor Swaso who worked as a security guard. Sources reveal that among those dismissed are the Manager of Works, the Supervisor for Revenue Collection, and the Secretary for the Works Department. Sources indicate that as many as 8 more persons are slated to be dismissed from the council. We tried to get a comment from the Mayor of Dangriga, Francis Humphrie, but he was not available. On March 13, however during his swearing in speech, Mayor Humphries gave a stern caution to any within the council who does not comply fully with the changes in the council brought by a new adminstration.


Francis Humphris – Mayor, Dangrigavlcsnap-2015-04-13-10h29m31s141

“Generally, they were alerted about the new vision, the new direction, the new objectives of the council, to fulfil our manifesto. This also came with the clear caution, that  those who would not  fully comply with the necessary changes would be removed as there will be no tolerance for any obstruction to the procurement of our mandate to transform and reap culture capital. I am repeating it to John Q public, because when we start send them home and they go to the press or whatever, I couldn’t care two hoots .  That’s neither here nor there. They can go to Channel 7, Channel 5, you could go to Plus TV, go to anywhere you want, I will fire you and I will not look back after doing it.

 The Dangriga Town Council told us in response to our queries that the town council is undergoing restructuring and would not have any further comments for us on the matter.

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