Former PUP Mayoral Candidate is now UDP

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It’s political season and campaigning is on in full swing. The UDP team in Belmopan, John Saldivar’s camp, has gained new support and via a press release today, announced that former PUP member Jose Chacon, who just ran as PUP Mayoral candidate in March of this year, is now a UDP member. The vlcsnap-2015-10-05-23h34m53s46release says,

“ Former People’s United Party mayoral candidate in the 2015 municipal elections Jose Chacon has resigned from the PUP and fully endorses the United Democratic Party in the upcoming general elections. Mr. Chacon won a contested convention to become the mayoral candidate under the PUP banner for Belmopan in the 2015 municipal elections. He has since denounced his former party and severed all ties officially announcing his resignation today. Mr. Chacon has pledged to work with Hon. John Saldivar in the Belmopan constituency as he has witnessed the transformation of his city under the Hon. John Saldivar and the United Democratic Party. The best is yet to come!”

So, Chacon is now UDP, activily campaigning for incumbent area representative for the Belmoapn constituency John Saldivar. How is the PUP taking the news? They also issued a press release. It says,

“The Belmopan Executive Committee of the Peoples United Party regrets the decision made by the former PUP Belmopan Mayoral candidate Jose Chacon to endorse the Candidacy of the UDP Area Representative. This endorsement is a clear manifestation of the desperation and anxiety of the UDP Area Representative to infiltrate and take advantage of those who are in dire financial need. While we hold no malice towards Jose Chacon for this mercenary act, we are reminded that the fate of political defectors is not easy: spurned and distrusted by their communities and in turn treated with disrespect, contempt and disdain by those to whom they pledge sudden loyalty. It is not an easy road and so we wish him well.”

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