Former Youth Ambassador pleads guilty to forgery charges

25 year old Kenroy Young will learn next Monday, January 26, what is his sentence to five admitted counts of uttering a forged document.

Mr Young entered the plea On Wednesday before Justice Adolph Lucas, in the Supreme Court.

Kenroy Young, formerly an employee of Youth for the Future and United Nations Ambassador to Belize, is accused of cashing forged cheques between November 5 and 12, 2008, at JL’s Quick Loan in Belize City, and the Belize Bank branches in Belize City and Belmopan, all from Regent Insurance Company Limited, using the forged signatures of Mejiba Acuna and Anthony Flynn, employees of that company. The five cheques totaled $15,750.

He said he acquired the cheques when he went to Regent Insurance Company Limited for a meeting.

Initially Young was charged with 15 counts but 19 of them were withdrawn because they came out of the same incidents.

Kenroy Young was not represented in court. The prosecution was represented by Crown Counsel Portia Staine.

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