Four accused conspirators in plot to murder acquitted

In March of 2011 five men from Honduras, Guatemala and Belize were convicted of a plot to invade the palatial home of businessman Jose Shoman and rob and kill him and his family. They were Miguel Mayorga, Jose Ismael Cordova, Cesar Junior Aldana, Carlos Juarez and Eswin Rosales. Shoman publicly revealed details of the plot to journalists in December of 2009 and testified at trial along with an employee who witnessed the men allegedly talking at the home of another alleged conspirator who later escaped custody. Today, however, the Court of Appeal quashed the convictions of Mayorga, Cordova, Juarez and Rosales and set aside their sentences. Attorney for Mayorga, Leo Bradley, Jr., tells PLUS News what he thinks may have convinced the court to act.

Leo Bradley – Attorney for Mayorga:
vlcsnap-2013-03-28-20h21m39s46Mr. Elrington and myself based our appeal on several grounds, several submissions. I haven’t had the opportunity of reading the decision. After I read the decision, I will be in a better position to say, but my belief is that it might have come down to the question of whether of nor any of these individuals said yes. For you to conspire, you need to agree to conspire, you need to say yes, I will be a part of this whatever job, or whatever it is that we are going to do. As I said, I am speaking without having read the decision, but I have a feeling that was what it came down to as far as the Court of Appeal story in their decision.  

Hubert Elrington SC represented the other defendants for trial and appeal. The men are being processed at the Hattieville Prison after which they will be free to go. According to Bradley the embassies in Guatemala and Honduras have been contacted to assist the men in getting home.

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