Four arrested in San Pedro for drugs and firearms

Police in San Pedro Arrested and Charged four persons for drug trafficking and firearm offenses as a result of a predawn operation  conducted earlier today by the San Pedro Rural Rapid Response Team in Gardina Sandhill. [ARRESTED PIC] Persons arrested are Nelson Zelaya, Anthony Zelaya, Nichole Moody and Arlene Zelaya. Superintendent Edward Broaster, Officer commanding San Pedro Police tells us more.


Edward Broaster – Senior Sup.  OC San Pedro Policevlcsnap-2015-07-15-11h21m56s27

“Early this morning, the Rural Rapid Reponses team executed a search warrant on the premises of the individuals in the Gardina village where they recovered a sawed- off shot gun… a 16 gauge  sawed-off shot gun along with four cartages and marijuana amounting to the charge of drug trafficking. “

Emanuel Pech – Plus TV Reporter

“How much marijuana was found?”

Edward Broaster

“The marijuana discovered was 105 grams. “

Emanuel Pech

“What let police to make this discovery?”

Edward Broastervlcsnap-2015-07-15-11h04m35s124

“Well the Rural Rapid  Reponses have been working very diligently in trying to develop intelligence especially with respect to fire arms and the drugs being smuggled into and out of the Belize District.”


Last week the Police department announced some major changes in the Belize District which will see the Eastern Division subdivided into the North Eastern Division, the South Eastern Division and the Rural Eastern Division to reallocate efforts where most needed like in the San Pedro Area. Supt Edward Broaster says this initiative is working so far to crack down on narcotics and other crimes on the island.

Emanuel Pech

“So you think this latest transition will play a crucial role in the fight against narcotics?”

Edward Broaster

“It will definitely play a crucial role in the fight against narcotics and other major crime. As  the Commanders of each division have a more smaller area to concentrate on while the rural area has a small population, the geographic location is rather large but the route are limited to two major roads which are the Philip Goldson Highway and the George Price Highway. So we have to be strategic in our interdiction  efforts and our tactical capability in order to interdict the smuggling of fire arms, drugs and other crimes  in our District.”vlcsnap-2015-07-15-09h37m59s60


The Four persons have since been jointly charged for possession of drug trafficking and the possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

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