Four charged for the death of PC Bretchel Ramirez

vlcsnap-2013-04-05-19h58m17s162The Belmopan court was heavily guarded this morning with police personnel, as four men were brought to court to answer for the murder of Police Constable Bertchel Eyon Ramirez. Those men – 34 year old Juvencio Herrera, 26 year old Gregory Martinez, 41 year old Elilo Herrera and 28 year old Steven Garbutt have all been charged with a single count of murder.  Ramirez was fatally wounded when he went to pickup his girlfriend at their family’s home in Roaring Creek on Tuesday night. Plus News spoke to his girlfriend’s father Lazaro Valencia on Wednesday, who explained what happened.

Lazaro Valencia:
vlcsnap-2013-04-06-15h24m41s70That fella wa do it.  Pass here with a vehicle two different times, and see the boy park here.  They musta gone and park with they vehicle so, about which I don’t know.  And they come. Set up one fi fire shot.  He did two shot, then my son-in-law went and addressed the person, and he right there.  And the three person wa walk in, three of them run up into the car, fe see if the person dead, completely dead.  Then three take to the back of the houses there.  Then one went up the road. Right away we say the person die in my daughter hand, because he lift up he head, and he call the name.  All what I do, I put my hand pon he chest, and I tell ah, God will be with you my boy. Who do you this?  No got foot fi run, because I may catch they.  And right there I start cry. 

This morning, after the men were carried out to the Belize Central Prison, we got a chance to speak with Assistant Superintendent of Police Sinquest Martinez.

Sinquest Martinez – Assistant Superintendent:
vlcsnap-2013-04-06-16h03m53s245Three of the four suspects have been in and out of Belmopan Police Station, who I know very very well, and known criminals in this area.  Peter Ramirez went to visit a friend, and that friend had an affair with one of the suspects. From that angle we start our investigation.

Now too often, we have heard about cases where suspects have been charged, but due to either lack of evidence, or negligent on the part of the Police, the cases falls through. But this why the Assistant Superintendent says the Department was particularly thorough and careful with their investigations.

Sinquest Martinez – Assistant Superintendent:
vlcsnap-2013-04-05-20h01m15s126Throughout the entire investigation I was dialoguing with the Director of Public Prosecutions’ Office, and through her advise that’s why the charge was brought against these four persons.  The type of investigation carried out went through the entire process, so that no kind of allegation be made.  The Justice of the Peace was around whatever we were doing, because this cannot slip from myself.

With a case that hits so close to home, we asked Martinez how difficult it was for the department to restrain their emotions and well, not do anything, well…. Excessive. This is what he had to say.

Sinquest Martinez – Assistant Superintendent:
vlcsnap-2013-04-06-15h26m11s201It was very difficult.  It was very emotional. But we cannot have emotion overcome process or the rule of law. We have to let the process take its course, and that’s the reason why I don’t want to have any kind of glitches when this file goes to the DPP, or when it reaches the court, that they would be talking Police brutality, or try to justify, or for them to walk away.

Police Constable 380 Bertchel Eyon Ramirez will be laid to rest in his hometown Dangriga on Saturday. The service will begin at 2pm at the ().

The Village of Roaring Creek is notoriously known to be a crime hot spot, with the latest incident being the murder of PC Bertchel Ramirez. And today when we spoke to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sinquest Martinez, he told us about plans the Department has to set up their combat efforts in the village.

Sinquest Martinez – Assistant Superintendent:
vlcsnap-2013-04-06-16h05m46s99What I’m going to do is be more proactive.  I’m sending my Police out there to do more patrols. We’re be doing more preventative patrols in that village.  It’s been a headache for us, and we’ll continue to storm in the village.  We continue to enforce the law out there, and we want to weed out who need to be weed out. [Those who] come and seek refuge in Roaring Creek will be weed out.  So we’ll be more aggressive in that area, ’cause we need to sent a message that the criminals will not overcome the Police, nor the law-abiding citizen. No, [they] Will not.

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