Four houses in one yard catch fire

More than ten persons are homeless after a fire erupted early Wednesday morning in a family yard on Maskall Street in the Port Loyola area of Belize City.

According to police, around 12:15 a.m. on Wednesday they responded to the fire, which had engulfed two of four houses in the yard: a wooden house with zinc roofing, belonging to Linton Maskall, 40 year old security guard with the Education Department; and a green-painted wooden  house with zinc roofing, belonging to Carol Maskall, 37 years, domestic worker; both of which were engulfed and completely destroyed.

Linton Maskall had gone out to buy food and describes what he saw on his return.


vlcsnap-2014-11-13-07h56m48s108vlcsnap-2014-11-13-07h39m29s228Linton Maskall Sr. – Victim of House Fire

“I went to get me some food, and on my way back I saw a blaze.  I put my food down and I ran to see where the fire came from.  I saw it was burning my house. 

I couldn’t do nothing to it at that moment, because it was already through the whole house.

It didn’t take too long to hit my mom’s house.

[My children] had come out of the house at that time, because when they felt the heat the big one jumped up and he started to wake the next little one there.  They reached up to my mom’s house, and called for my little sister.  She started to wake up all the kids and they went through the back door.  Bu the time the last kid get out, the flames reached my mother’s house.”


According to Linton Maskall they lost everything, but were able to get the 12 children out of the houses safely before they were endangered.

The other houses in the yard, a white in color wooden house with zinc roofing, belonging to Marlon Maskall, aged 38 years, and an unpainted wooden  house, with zinc roofing, belonging to Gilbert Maskall, a 31 years old tour guide, were partially damaged.

Linton Maskall makes an appeal for assistance from the community.


vlcsnap-2014-11-13-07h57m29s237Linton Maskall Sr.

“Anything you can give to me, I would appreciate it, because I need to try and build back up something for my sis, and for me and my kids. 

This one touch me so hard, I don’t even know how to move right now.  My daughter is in fourth form at Wesley College.  My son is in standard three at Christian School at Belcan Bridge.  My big son goes to SET.  He’s taking a trade. As for me, I work at the Education Department as a Security Guard. 

[My sister] is a single parent.  She don’t have any job. Now and again she sells her bread and things.  That’s how she makes her little income to feed her kids.  I try to help when I can, with whatever I could.”

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