Four men armed with machetes stalked a village

Four men armed with machetes stalked a village in the Cayo District last night, and put two residents in the hospital. The first incident happened shortly after 7:30pm; 36 year old Santos Vasquez was walking on a back street in the village, when four men reportedly attacked. He was chopped to the left side of his head with a machete and was later transported to the San Ignacio Town Hospital, where he was treated for his injury. A couple who also live in the village, told police that sometime after 8:30 that night, upon arriving at their home, they were approached by four men armed with machetes. One of the men asked the husband Miguel Macharro, for a dollar, but he ignored him. The men reportedly then pounced on Macharro and beat him up. He suffered injuries to the left and right eye, a swollen face and a broken jaw and had to be admitted to the hospital. The culprits have been identified and San Ignacio Police say they are looking for them.

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