Four persons murdered over the weekend including Farmer

There were four murders over the weekend, all in the suddenly hot Belize Rural area. The incidents were centred around Ladyville, Hattieville and Burrell Boom.
vlcsnap-2013-02-25-20h41m06s15We start first with the chopping death of a Belizean farmer. Police are investigating the death of 56yr old Jose Nemencio GUIDO CAMPO. Early Saturday morning at 12:01am, Police visited the area near mile 9 on the George Price Highway and upon arrival met a male person who identified himself  as 31yr old Luis Dedas GUIDOS COMPO, of Sunset Park.  Luis told Police that while travelling in his pickup truck from Cotton Tree Village towards Sunset  Park Village on Friday his father Jose CAMPO, informed him that near mile 9, the pickup truck he was travelling in started to experience  mechanical problem. Campo says his father decided to walk through a short cut which is situated between mile 8  & 9 on the George Price Highway to their home. At 11:45pm Luis became concern that his father didn’t  arrived home and he went back to the area along with his brother and common law wife to look for his father.  ASP Chris Noble tells us more.

ASP Chris Noble:
vlcsnap-2013-02-25-20h20m11s10This person was found off the Highway, in the area of Mile 9. He does have severe injuries.  He died on scene.  Body parts were almost severed with regards to it.  He did go missing.  He was found by persons known to him.  The Police are dealing with it.  We’re following up on what is being given to us.

The body of Jose Nemencio Guido Campo was transported to the K.H.M.H where he was pronounced dead  at  2:54am.  Police investigations continue.

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