Four-way pileup in City snarls traffic

A chain reaction, originally begun with this morning’s turnover of the Bowen and Bowen vehicle in Ladyville, resulted in vlcsnap-2016-07-18-11h36m34s190two vehicles traveling into Belize City being severely damaged.Because of the Ladyville scene, traffic had slowed coming into Belize City, with cars nearly bumper to bumper up to just before 11 this morning. And when a vehicle leading the line near mile 2 on the Philip Goldson Highway did something unexpected, near-disastrous consequences followed. Eyewitness to the accident Gilvano Swasey, whose vehicle was one of the four involved, tells us more:

Gilvano Swasey, Eyewitness to the Accident

“Everybody was coming in slow. I can say there were 5-6 feet in between vehicles. In this case I noticed that there was avlcsnap-2016-07-18-11h38m10s128 big warehouse truck that pulled in to one of the businesses. The vehicles started to slow down, I began to slow down. Unfortunately to other drivers behind me were not that conscious and I then heard the vehicles slam into each other. I think it mainly was just a sense of consciousness. Noticing the impact you will realize who was more conscious of the traffic. If you were awake or alert you would have had more time and space to stop.”

According to Swasey, no one was injured on the scene, including himself, and those involved exchanged insurance information. We asked Swasey whether this accident was preventable. He told us that as a regular user of the highway, he is surprised that there are not more accidents, especially at peak rush hour:

Gilvano Swasey, Eyewitness to the Accident

“I am amazed that there are not more traffic accidents.  When its school time I try to leave home at 10 to avoid all traffic. When the traffic is horrible there are a few patrols or the patrols on the highway are very irregular. There are busses that would stop suddenly or they would stop and not pull off. The road becomes four lanes when it is still two lanes.”


Police have not issued any details on the accident of as news time.


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