Four year old shot to the head; dead

A four year old child was shot to the head in Belize City last night. Sometime around 7:30 p.m., 24 year old Ian Abraham Jr. and a family member were fixing a car in front of their residence on Nurse Finley Crescent. A car approached and several shots were fired.  Abraham was shot to the back while the 4 year old was shot to the right side of the head. Both persons were rushed to KHMH where Abraham was listed in a stable condition. The little boy, however, was in a critical condition all night and finally succumbed to his injuries early this morning. The media spoke to Treyshawn’s grieving mother this morning .

Mother of Treyshawn Goff

 I was inside writing my party list and was printing out stuff for his party and my boyfriend just literally get out of the chair and said that he was going cross the street go get something for his mom. My daughter said “daddy I want to go and so they gone now”. Like a good 5 minutes after I heard like 5 gunshots so I run from behind the table and push open the door and when I pushed open the door I see the car is passing same time. No lights, no nothing, just a dark blue car just fly pass and when I reach outside I said “well its only my brother in law that got shot cause I see everybody the run in there yard”. I said somebody get shot for real, real, not knowing that they were on the street. So when I ask my Brother in law we the get the understanding that we the move off of my brother in law not knowing that my baby is in the corner where he stooped down looking to run back in the yard and it is there that he laid down. When I saw him, I just sit down inside the write party list preparing for his party in June and not knowing that this was going to happen .

Journalist: To the best of your knowledge Ms. Sutherland who in the area do you believe may have been the intended target?

Mother of Treyshawn Goff

I don’t know because we are a family and we keep to ourselves. Me and my boyfriend we just go to work, come home, cook and we don’t go nowhere for the same reason cause I said ‘these days you don’t have to do anything to anybody to make anybody want to do you anything.’ They just come and want to hurt you for nothing so I said ‘better we get hurt in our yard’. It really hurts us for true. I just want see the person who rob me of my baby. I forgive unu but unu have lot to deal with God.

4 year old Treyshawn Goff attended Port Loyola Primary School.  The media also spoke to one of TreyShawn’s teachers today.

Teacher of Treyshawn Goff

  We are very sadden by the fact that I got in contact with Treyshawn from since September but before that he was a 3 year old and then I gave him as my student a level 2 four year olds and I was off last week for being sick and when I came to work yesterday he was the first one that came and hug me and said teacher I missed you ,I missed you because you were sick and I sorry that you weren’t here last week and I pray for you every day and I said to him ,I said Treyshawn I don’t want you to give any trouble today and he said teacher I won’t give any trouble ,he said I love you and I want you to feel good it was yesterday and he’s very loving he’s outgoing when Treyshawn is around you know that he is around his presence if felt and we miss his presence I personally will miss his presence .

  He is just friendly with everybody, everywhere he goes everybody just like his spirit because he is always happy always is smiling he and his sister is like 2’5 you cannot get in between two of them he doesn’t like to fight but don’t hit any of them because his sister will retaliate I just don’t know how to feel right now I am mourning I don’t know if I should cry .this is just a new experience for me everytime I see people go on the news and I said well you know if something happens… I know this hurts but this here experience even worst.

      I don’t know how his sister is going to survive with because she is used to waking up beside her little brother there and everywhere they go together when you ask what kind of child he was I usually take him to church with me no and again and imagine our church service go really long 3 and a half hours and that kid would sit right there with me he wouldn’t even ask to use the bathroom ,until the church service is over as he hears the Pastor say Amen then he’d whisper my name and say uncle we going now and that’s the kind of thing . I take him around my friends at party and he doesn’t give any kind of trouble and I always well we have the kind of trouble that is frightening with the gun violence we have the home alone kind of trouble the kind of trouble that we just have to just put a little smile on your face he’s the sweetest kid.

He is the fourth child shot in recent weeks. In late February, 12 year old David Morrison was shot twice to the head and died, an 11 year old boy’s leg was grazed by a bullet, and 1 year old Gregory Mena was shot to the toe. These shootings of innocent children, coupled with the recent horrendous rape and beating of 17 month old Alyssa Nunez , have resulted in an outcry from Belizeans; but is that enough to make any difference as gang wars continue to rage?



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