Frank Neal shot while riding his bicycle in Belize City

vlcsnap-2013-03-06-19h24m42s206A  late evening murder in Belize City yesterday has left another family devastated.  Around 5:50 Tuesday evening, 36-year-old Frank Neal, a stevedore of Guerrero Street, Belize City, was shot while riding his bicycle on Glynn Street. Police report that a man they believe to be of dark complexion rode up behind Neal and fired several fatal gunshots. Today we spoke to his niece Jamelia Neal. She said she believes the shooting was random and that her uncle was not the intended target.

Jamelia Neal – Niece of  Frank Neal:
vlcsnap-2013-03-06-19h30m44s66He no give trouble.  Anybody wa know my uncle Frankie, he ah no trouble. He just may walk back a extra house where he collect he pay. When he go collect he pay, well the person know who kill ah.  Well, I left that to God, because they wa pay back ina their own way.  Anybody who know he, he work as a stevedore. Every day he go buy johnnycake from the same spot. So the person wa shot ah know that he go buy Johnnycake every day. On he payslip they find in he pocket.  Only thing what the thief get is the bicycle.  I don’t think robbery are the thing.  The young boy just di shoot people innocently ’cause dat no robbery.

Ms.Neal says her uncle was a joking, funny individual who was close to his family and had no criminal record or associations.

Jamelia Neal – Niece of  Frank Neal:
Anybody know my uncle, he always tease or di clown people.  Anybody know Frankie, he like to hang out with lone gal. Anybody know my uncle, a lone gal he hang out with.  And he like to tantalize people.  Yesterday morning my uncle pass by me and my baby and he tease my baby, and my baby do tell ah “I don’t name so,” and he ride off. That the last time I see my uncle went down, till I hear they call, when I made it to work, and they tell me they shot my uncle.

Police say they have recovered one 9mm expended shell from the scene and have detained two persons pending investigations. But Neal and her family are rather skeptical that justice will be served, especially since the 12-year anniversary of the death of another uncle, Rodwell Neal, is coming up.

Jamelia Neal – Niece of  Frank Neal:
I fear because we live ina dis neighbourhood, and everyone who know Southside know gun violence.  I said the Mayor need to get up and do something about it, because they get sponsors for crime and violence, and the crime rate no di go down, it go up more, and more, and more. So they need to get out and do.  They need to push they police harder, because if they could have murder right in front of the Supreme Court, and they don’t do nothing ’bout it, they have to try harder.  Next week, ’bout Thursday so, my uncle brother, Rodwell Neal, woulda make 12 years since he dead. [He died from] gun violence, he shot. [He got killed on] Reggae Street.  This is the second uncle [I have lost]. And the young man, after they may give he 25 to life for my uncle, Rodwell Neal, and he di out right now di walk di street.

Rodwell “Burger” Neal was killed in March of 2001. A Guyanese national, Hillaire Sears, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime but the woman accused of orchestrating the incident, Cherrymae Howard, was acquitted of abetment to murder in 2003.

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