Freak accident leaves one man dead

One man is dead as a result of a freak accident in Orange Walk. Plus News received reports that 49 year old Elehio Grahalez was operating on his tractor that did not want to start. Grahalez’s tractor reportedly started while he was inspecting it and ran him over. He was killed on the spot and his tractor was found 16 feet away from his body. Police confirmed these reports.

 Some time after 10 Am police from Orange Walk visited San Luis village where they found one Elijio Grahales a 49 year old laborer of Orange Walk. He was found in the face up position and had injuries to the head and face and was bleeding from the mouth. The brother of the deceased, Orlando Castillo, indicated that his brother was operating on a tractor. Apparently the tractor had mechanical issues and apparently the tractor didn’t want to start. He left his brother there dealing with the tractor and shortly after he found him in the condition that police had arrived and found him. His brother indicated that possibility he left the tractor in gear and when it started it ran over him so the police are investigating that matter.

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