A freak Horse and Carriage accident claimed the life of a Newland Community man. 38 year old Issac Nicoli was riding is horse and carriage in the community along with a single passenger when his carriage overturned. Police tells us more 

Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigations Branch: Around 9:30am on the 9th of June, Corozal police visited the Newland community (a Mennonite community) and there they observed the body of Isaac Nicholi, a 38 year old teacher of the address, Camp No. 112 in the Newland community. From what the police have gathered is that Mr. Nicholi and one Mr. Bandman were traveling in a horse drawn carriage within the community, when for some reasons the horse pulling the carriage they were travelling in became frantic and ended up in a drain with water. The carriage fell on top of Mr. Nicholi and he was submerged under water. Efforts were made to try take him out, however they were unsuccessful and he died on the scene.

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