Freak storm in Teakettle Village damages homes

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We are nine days into the hurricane season and while there is no hurricane named as yet, Teakettle Villagers say they had a terrifying experience on Tuesday night that has certainly alerted them to the potential dangers of a storm. What is being described as a “freak storm” on Tuesday evening in Teakettle Village, uprooted trees and damaged roofs and houses in the area. We spoke to Teakettle Resident Natalie Smith who told us about her experience.

Natalie Smith, Teakettle Village Resident: Upon returning from work yesterday, I was dropped off at home, but my experience that I got when I reached home was that we encountered a storm and we had to whether the storm, myself, my son and another co worker of mine on the veranda of my neighbor and it was a very frightening experience . It’s helpless to see like trees falling around you, a lot of debris, limbs of trees, we also saw clothes. It was also frightening to see the roof of the partial addition of the community center flow off a piece of it. The house that my brother occupied is also flat to the ground. This morning upon doing a routine check, I drove around the community, I encountered some trees in the Arizona extension of teakettle that was uprooted and was laying flat on the ground.vlcsnap-2016-06-10-11h19m49s602

Smith says the experience has reminded her to be prepared in the event of a hurricane this year.vlcsnap-2016-06-10-11h22m24s355

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