Frederick Gahne Town Clock is renovated

vlcsnap-2013-04-15-20h44m24s155This morning the Belize City Council stopped to pay tribute to a respected man in Belize City history and acknowledge a corporate partner. The Frederick Gahne Town Clock on Barrack Road near the intersection with Victoria Street and Freetown Road was built shortly after the Scottish doctor’s death in 1913. RF&G representative and fellow Scotsman Guy Howison spoke today of his kinship with Dr. Gahne.

Guy Howison – RF&G representative:
vlcsnap-2013-04-15-20h44m44s90I’m actually originally from Scotland, so I have a very personal touch with Dr Gahne.  He came from the University of Glasgow, and I was out of Edinburgh, which was down the road, it’s a bit like San Ignacio and Santa Elena.  We’re in the same country, but we don’t always love each other as much as we should do.  But that’s aside from the point.  He’s a fellow Scotsman.  He was here in Belize, right up to the year 1913, and here i am in 2013.  So it’s a delight and a privilege to be here today, to be part of this ceremony.  

Mayor Darrell Bradley details for PLUS News some of the features of the clock.

Darrell Bradley – Belize City Mayor:
vlcsnap-2013-04-15-20h44m55s209This is a town clock which was constructed through the efforts of residents of Belize City a long time ago, and Frederick Gahne was a medical doctor from Scotland, and he contributed of his time and his labour in Belize City.  He benefited a lot of residents of Belize City through the medical profession and the service that he delivered. After he died, residents of Belize City pooled together and they constructed this clock. This clock, over the last ten years, has been maintained through the generous contributions of RF&G, and what RF&G has indicated to us, several months ago, is that they wanted to do a total face-lift with the clock.  Of course the technology for watches has increased tremendously over the years, and so they wanted to purchase a whole new clock which would require less maintenance and less mechanization Foe example, this clock doesn’t need to be wound up.  It will keep correct time. When there is an electrical outage the clock will automatically reset itself, so there’s less need for intervention by human beings.

The repairs cost about $20,000. The old clock is presently on display here in Belmopan at the George Price Center.

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