Free eye clinic in Cayo

vlcsnap-2018-01-03-18h11m03s400 vlcsnap-2018-01-03-18h10m40s764 vlcsnap-2018-01-03-18h10m31s426Throughout this week, free eye tests are being given out to the San Ignacio/Santa Elena public. A team from the US, the Ministries Opportunity Short Team, are conducting the free eye examinations. It is taking place at the Manzanero complex in San Ignacio town. The clinic is in collaboration with the Anointed House of Worship. Eliu Yacab, from the Anointed House of Worship spoke about the clinic.

Eliu Yacab: Today as you see we have an eyeglass team from the US giving out their community service. We are trying to assist our community as much as we can with resources by giving them eyeglasses so they can read, they can walk and see better. In our hearts it’s for community service, community help and helping our people is one of the most important things for us. God always tells us to help others and that is what we are trying to do here.

We also spoke to the leader of the team, Darcy Zent, who told us about some of the eye problems they have been noticing in the clients and some home remedies she has been recommending

Clinic Insert 2: Darcy Zent: Seems like we have a lot of low prescription for reading. People need a little bit of help with their vision. We’re seeing a lot of people who have the long distance issues so they need a little bit more stronger prescription for that, but primarily everybody is having irritations with their eyes. Being out in the sun a lot people who work outside if there is a lot of sand and wind. They have the irritation in their eyes so they need the sunglasses; at least to protect their eyes. One of the things we offer is an eyedropper with a salient solution. It’s a simple solution you can make at home with a teaspoon of salt and about a half a cup of water. I don’t know how that converts but you boil it and then you put it in an eyedropper and you wash the eyes. It’s a simple eye wash that you can keep your eyes clear and use it every day.


The team will be here until Saturday.

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